Part 1

Aaron Knight (AUS)

Running in the mountains has been my passion for a long time. I love exploring beautiful areas high above the valleys and towns below. But I also like to challenge myself in mountain running races. From Vertical Kilometres that climb 1000 metres in as little as 2 kilometres to mountain ultras of well over 100 kms there is a race type for everyone. If you are new to mountain running it’s best to work your way up through the distances & difficulty of races to find the type of race, course and style that you love the most. Then train hard & smart to achieve your best! The satisfaction from running well on a great course is very rewarding. But remember to still enjoy just being in the mountains too!


Maria Dalzot (USA)

If you don’t know when, where or what your next meal will be, eat plenty first thing in the morning to fuel a busy day of travel. When traveling there will not always be food available to meet your dietary needs, but if you bring your own granola, cereal, and familiar snacks, you can make a sizeable breakfast by supplementing fruit and eggs from the breakfast buffet at most hotels. On the road, some athletes can get too concerned about eating the wrong foods or getting sick that they don’t eat enough. Always carry light food, like bars and fresh fruit, to avoid dips in blood sugar and energy.

James Elson (UK)

When I learned I was one of the lucky 40 starters for the Barkley 2019, I made preparations in the UK for specific training. A hard thing to do when you cannot see any images of the course and you also live in flat south-central England. Anyway, Wendover in Buckinghamshire has a western flank that falls approximately 300 feet in 0.3 miles all the way along and for sessions I would repeatedly climb and descend that area for up to 7 hours at a time, clocking up a handful of sessions measuring just 13 miles with 10,000ft of climb and descent. No matter where you are making your race preparation, you’ll always find a way to train in the right way!

Roberto Mastrotto (ITA)

Even though I am very rational and methodical by nature, sometimes I simply let my instinct to drive and lead my runs. I lace up La Sportiva shoes, I leave home and quickly leave the asphalt and the chaos of everyday life to immerse myself in the nature. It’s like a reset button for my brain. Becoming one with the rustling of wind, with the dust blowing at every stride and the sun that spreads among the branches. I feel free, light. I close my eyes, listen to my steps moving fast, I climb up the trails. I barely touch with the hand the grass beside me, I let my thoughts running free with me and simply smile.